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The vaporizers are widely considered to be the best available on the market. The designed vaporizer is made with high quality stainless steel or Nylon - keeping impurities out and sealing flavor in. Its custom-designed, fully enclosed ceramic heating element will provide you a safer and more efficient way to use aromatherapy.

Extra-large and beautiful digital LCD display ? You can see clearly the setting temperature and the actual temperature on the LCD.

It will be automatically closed if there is no activity in 15-20 minutes.

We use ceramic heating element and the fastest air pump on the market ? letting you fill you balloon voraciously!

No noise ? It is super quiet.

It ensures precision control of the temperature by using digital temperature and airflow control.


There is a circular cavity of the heat-insulating ceramic base in the shell. there is a constant temperature of circular PTC ceramic heating element in the circular cavity of the heat-insulating ceramic base. On the top of the heating element is metal cover, and on the base with metal plate. There are two through-holes on the wall of the heat-insulating ceramic base and the circular cavity. Install electrical wires connected to the metal cover and metal plate by the through-holes. Put stainless steel round bottles of medicine on the surface of the metal plate to solve the problems that it can't be controlled drugs volatile because of higher temperature, and loss of efficacy, power consumption, unsafe. Improving the hot efficiency of vapor device, to ensure the performance of the drug after volatile, more reliable and safer.

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